Participation Terms & Conditions


  1. The registration fee for ParametricCamp only covers workshop expenses, and does not include travel expenses, accomodation and/or living expenses. The participant will be responsible for them.
  2. If you claim to be eligible for any kind of bonification or discount in the registration fee, you might be asked to provide certification of your claim in the terms ParametricCamp may state.
  3. Registration fees include VAT.
  4. To participate in the workshop, you will be asked to bring your own personal laptop. Participants will be required to have Rhinoceros 5.0 and Grasshopper 10 (0.9.0075) installed. Tutors might be able to assist you in installing the software, as well as providing participants with evaluation versions if necessary. More detailed information on this will be provided upon registration.
  5. Admissions to the workshop are attended in rigurous application order, according to available seats, once any eligibility requirements have been verified (student proof, professional affiliation, etc.) and proof of registration fee payment has been recieved. Once the participant has been confirmed his application, his seat will be confirmed and he/she will be considered enrolled in the workshop.
  6. The ParametricCamp Scholarship Program was created to help those with less resources attend the event. If you honestly think you can afford the fees, we would kindly like to ask you not to apply for the Program.
  7. You may apply to the Scholarship Program any time from the opening of the registration for a particular workshop to the end of the exhibition period. More info on how to participate in the Program in the Scholarships section.
  8. ParametricCamp will announce the resolution of the scholarships the day after the end of the voting process, under the conditions stipulated in the Scholarship Program section. There is no possible appeal against this resolution.
  9. The Scholarship winner will be chosen by the ParametricCamp panel, taking as a reference our followers choice in the voting process. The voting results are orientative, and will never be binding.
  10. ParametricCamp keeps the right to cancel, reassign or not assign at all any scholarship without previous communication, if there might be signs of fraud, cheating or any annomaly to alter the fair assignment process.
  11. Also, ParametricCamp keeps the right to reassign the Scholarship to any candidate of his choice, even if he/she was not the most voted, if he considers that the quality an creativity manifested in the application was more in accordance to the Scholarship´s guidelines.
  12. You may cancel your application to any workshop for a full refund up to seven natural days prior to the start of the workshop. If the cancellation would happen later than seven days prior to the start of the workshop, a cancellation fee of 50% the registration fee will be applied.
  13. ParametricCamp keeps the right to cancel the celebration of any particular workshop if the minimum number of participants had not been reached, or due to any other circumstance out of our control. If that would be the case, participants would be eligible for a full refund of registration fees. Communicationof this situation would be done as soon as possible.
  14. This terms and conditions might be subject to modification without previous communication, with the most recent terms being valid in the celebration of the event.

Personal Data Protection

ParametricCamp abides by the spanish law for Personal Data Protection 15/1999 (more info here). If you wish to modify or cancel our records from your personal information, please communicate it to us through: