Our tutors

ParametricCamp is led by:

Jose Luis García del Castillo y López

Jose Luis is architect and computational designer. For a long time, his passion for design and computation has lead him to extensive research in the fields of parametric design, algorithmic logics, the use of code as a creative tool, data visualization and the relations between design, coding and industry.

Jose Luis has organized and taught several workshops on parametric design and creative code in collaboration with different institutions, including Harvard University, SmartGeometry, FabLab Sevilla, UFRGS or Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. He has also worked as structural consultant in Ayesa Ingeniería for projects by O.M.A., Mecanoo or César Pelli. He currently works as a data visualization specialist at Fathom Information Design.





Fernando García del Castillo y López

Fernando is a product designer. His approach to parametric design is from a ‘maker’ standpoint, focusing on strengthening the relationships between parametric conceptualization, interior design and digital fabrication. He is expert in 3D modeling, DIY and 3D-printing.

Fernando is Authorized Rhino Trainer by McNeel Europe. He has lectured on parametric design applied to digital fabrication and collaborated in the spanish translation of publications on applied mathematics for computational design. He has also attended and tutored a variaty of workshops, including the Parametric Design and Digital Fabrication series by LEM3a. He currently share his studies as product designer at the Universidad de Málaga with his role as proud organizer of ParametricCamp.





Stay tuned for further confirmations on future recruitement for our ParametricCamp 2012 crew!