ParametricCamp Granada 2012

ParametricCamp Granada 2012

ParametricCamp Granada 2012 just came to an end, and we are already missing you! What a nice and lively group of participants, never satisfied, always asking for more! Up until late in the night!

Big thanks Alberto, Alejandro, Jose, Juan, Juan Carlos y Natália, it was a great pleasure to meet you. Hit your personal projects hard!

Also, great thanks to the Estación Diseño School of Design and Visual Arts for hosting us one more time. You guys are making a great job.


And after many kilometers, organization, calls, emails, effort, work, care, and above all, a lot lot of great people on the way, we say farewell to the ParametricCamp Tour 2012. No words to describe how fantastic this experience has been, and doubtless, we can say it has been the greatest Tour ever.

Stay tuned, we are preparing more for next year, although not better, because that’s just impossible!

Huge hugs, and may the parametric force be with you!