Computational design links

Computational design links

Parametric design, and in general, computational design, is such a varied and wide field that summarizing it in a couple lines is almost impossible. Just a few examples to state its complexity:

gt_2p, parametric design and digital fabrication studio:

Designplaygrounds, generative and interactive design:

StudioMode, computational design research and resources:

wework|4her, blog on projects and events:

Very interesting blog with a lot of Grasshopper examples: Don’t miss his Sweden Pavilion proposal for the Shanghai 2010 Exposition:

FabLab workshops at the Centro de Innovación y Diseño, Escuela de Arquitectura de Sevilla:

Andrea Graziano‘s personal blog, ‘digital explorer’:

Architecture and complex geometry research platform HDA Studio París:

Creative Applications, a daily dose of inspiration:

Image credits: Sectionimal coffe table, by Estudio gt_2P