ParametricCamp Malaga 2012

ParametricCamp Malaga 2012

ParametricCamp Malaga 2012 has come to an end. And what a way! Fantastic group of people, diverse and curious ones, very hard workers. And what an awesome end to the Camp! Finally, a real Camp with swimming-pool and BBQ!

Thank you very much Abel, Ainhoa, Antonio, Francisco C, Francisco R, Guillermo, Jose Abel, Jose Antonio, Juan Jesús, María and Pedro, it has been a real pleasure to meet you. And now, get ready to rock your personal projects!

Huge thanks also to Rafael Urquiza, from the Laboratory for Advanced Architecture in Andalucia LEM3A, for sharing his digital works and concerns, and for the great physical effort he put into spending that morning with us. We wish you a quick recovery. Also, very grateful to Bernardino Morillo, from ESTIN Consultores, for talking to us about energetic efficiency and computational methodology. And big congratulations for your latest achievement!

Finally, we would like to thank Juan Manuel and The Big Picture School of VFX and Motion Graphics for enabling this experience and organizing a memorable farewell. Awesome project they are developing, check them out. We wish you good luck.

Big hugs, and may the parametric force be with you!