ParametricCamp Istanbul 2012

ParametricCamp Istanbul 2012

ParametricCamp Istanbul 2012 was over last Friday, and what a nice Camp we have had! Very open and receptive people, and what hard workers! We had to literally kick them out of the place one evening! And also, needless to say, we fell deeply in love with the city, and we can say right here right now, we will do as much as possible to come back next year. Amazing Istanbul!

Thank you very much Ann Helén, Doğukan, Mehmet, Melike and Nazlı, it was a big pleasure to meet you and work with you. Make the best of your projects, and also, have a lot of fun with them.

Also, special thanks to Şebnem Yalınay, Tuğrul Yazar, İdil Üçer, Salih Kucuktuna and Onur Yüce for the wonderful morning we spent at the Architecture Faculty of Istanbul Bilgi University, discussing about student’s works, architecture, computation and design. We really look forward visiting again!

Big hugs, and may the parametric force be with you!