About Seville 2012

About Seville 2012

Latest news on our forthcoming Seville Camp!

This very special edition of ParametricCamp will be hosted by our good friends at the Fab Lab Sevilla! As part of the School of Architecture at the Seville University, the Fab Lab Sevilla belongs to the MIT Fab Lab Network and is one of the most proactive institutions in the field of digital fabrication in Spain, constantly organizing workshops, fabworks, projects, events and exhibitions. Check out their lastest news here.

Huge thanks to José Pérez de Lama, Manuel Gutiérrez de Rueda, José Buzón, Juan Carlos Pérez, the Architecture Faculty and all the rest of the FabLab team for welcoming us to their shop!

This is going to be an amazing event, for which we are also preparing a small final surprise, so stay tuned!