Scholarships Program | FAQs

Scholarships Program | FAQs

After a lot of emailing and questioning, we would like to clarify some aspects of our Scholarships Program, and we have put together this FAQs:

- Ok, so exactly, what is the theme for the application image? What should I put in it?

The theme is to creatively answer the question ‘Why do you want to come to ParametricCamp?‘. That’s it. And the way to do it is completely free: you can use a design, text, photo or a composition of all of them. You set the limits. The only format requirement is to put it together in a 1920×1080 pixels image.

- But I know nothing of parametric design and I’m going to have no chance…

WRONG. And we would like to really clarify this: the evaluation criteria IS NOT PARAMETRIC DESIGN SKILLS. The Camp is open to complete beginners as well as people with some prior knowledge, and therefore, we do not expect applicants to demonstrate any kind of skills. The evaluation criteria is CREATIVITY INSPIRED BY THE QUESTION posed as the theme, and that will be the only measure for the submissions, from our side and from our followers’.

- Can you elaborate a bit further on the selection process?

Very easy. The deadline for applying to the Program is always two Mondays prior to the start of the Camp. Once recieved all submissions, we will publish them that same day on our Facebook page. From there on, they will be exhibited for one week, for our friends and followers to vote on the ones they consider the most creative. Voting will close the following Sunday at 23:59h CET, proceeding to final account and announcement of the Scholarship winner.

- And who wins the Scholarship?

The Scholarship winner is usually the applicant who earns more ‘I like’ in the voting process from our followers. Nevertheless, it could excepcionally not be so. For more information, please check our participation terms and conditions.

- Can I apply for Scholarship even if voting has already started?

Yes you do. Although, since voting has begun, you will probably have less chances of getting it. Nevertheless, you lose nothing by trying.

- Do I have to pay the registration fee even if I am applying to the Scholarship?

We really recommend you to do so. We have had people who did not get the Scholarship and could not participate because the Camp was already full… Paying the registration fee is the only way to secure your spot. And remember: if you get the Scholarship, we will reimburse you 100% of the fee.

- Cool!

Awesome, good luck then!