About Milano 2012

About Milano 2012

Ok, a lot of you were asking, so here we come with further details about Milano 2012!

We will be Camping this week together with our friends of Frankenstein Garage and ZooiLab, partner organisations devoted to the physical digital, both from the fabrication and interactivity side of it. We are also very excited with the opportunity of collaborating with the first FabLab in this Tour (there are more to come, we will announce soon!). Check them out, really cool stuff! Follow them here, here and here.

Also, for our last day of Camp, we can proudly welcome Stefano Andreani as guest lecturer!

Stefano is an Architectural Engineer and currently a Master in Design Technology candidate at Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is interested in the application of innovative technologies in architecture, combining parametric design and digital fabrication methods. As member of the Design Robotics Group at Harvard GSD, he is researching novel robotic fabrication strategies for complex design tasks. And know very positively he is doing very well. He will tell us about recent projects he has been involved into, just wait to see really impressive material.

See you very soon!